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We are a Vancouver, Canada based independent pet food company with the product portfolio encompassing dry and wet pet food, freeze dried treats, and dried natural treats. Our mission is simply to deliver pet food and treats that are exceptionally tasty, yet also healthy and nourishing.

Today, more and more pet owners are becoming conscious of the quality of the food they feed their pets, where the ingredients are coming and how they are processed. Unfortunately, with the growing number of pet food and treats that are available in the market, it is more difficult than ever to make the right choice for our pets.

At All Nature, we want to get these worries off your shoulder by offering only the most appropriate food for your pets.  Every product that we carry is made with the finest natural ingredients without any use of additives, colourings, or preservatives. Our products are sourced from the top-tier suppliers across the globe, including Canada, New Zealand, and Thailand, and are processed at the state of the art facilities in the respective countries.

Just enjoy our wholesome and delicious pet food and treats that have been made with only your four-legged friends in mind.

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