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For Dogs

Fresh breath and deep clean made fun!


Why Bubbly Dental Chew?


Bubbly Texture

for Deep Clean​​!


There are many dental treats to choose from. But simply nothing works like All Nature Bubbly Dental Chew.  The secret is behind Bubbly Dental Chew’s baguette shape and bubbly texture, which are specifically designed to clean even the hard to reach areas and make chewing fun for our furry friends.  These exceptionally tasty dental chews are also a great way for our four legged friends to relieve stress, have a send of comfort, and have fun!


Why do dogs need dental chews?

Humans are constantly reminded to brush teeth.  But we often neglect our dogs’ dental care needs.  This is unfortunate, as oral hygiene is a critical part of dog care.

Dogs can suffer from many of the ailments that humans also suffer from, such as plaque buildup, gum disease, and bad breath.

Experts say dental chews can make a great addition to your dog's oral care combined with regular brushing.  Dental chews can not only help break down tartar but also satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew.


Bubbly Dental Chew for Dogs

Tasty Original

Benefits of Manuka honey

Manuka honey is a complex honey that goes far beyond a simple table honey.  It has been the focus of extensive scientific research evidencing remarkable natural properties that set it apart from other honeys and make it highly prized throughout the world.

Manuka honey contains an antibacterial substance called methylglyoxal, and shows strong antibacterial activity against oral bacteria.  This characteristic makes Manuka honey an effective food for the oral care of our furry friends.  Also, it smells refreshingly good!

Benefits of Green Tea

Numerous studies have shown that the green tea catechin helps prevent tartar build-up by reducing gum inflammation, and reduces bad breath.  Daily consumption of green tea extract is therefore a good way to prevent or halt the progression of gum disease in both dogs.

Green tea catechin is also known as a great antioxidant agent and can be part of a healthy diet for dogs. 


Seaweed & Chlorella

Benefit of Seaweed

For the bad breath benefit, seaweed works through your dog’s saliva to eliminate the bad bacterial that leads to stinky breath.


Seaweed also contains lots of good stuff like antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatories.

Benefit of Chlorella

Chlorella is a form of algae that has been gaining popularity in the supplement world.  


The name comes from the Greek word for ‘green’, a reference to their vivid color.  


Chlorella is rich in a long list of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B12. 

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